December 12, 2008

Street Small Shop

At along the streets in Jakarta we'll often find shop like this beside the streets. And I do'nt understand why the shops appear only in the night. I see the streets so busy in by day and inn the twilight the shop like in the picture come to make awning and open about 18.00 until midnight or dawn. So, the streets in Jakarta never vacant.

Yes, the food that on sale in the shop cosier in the night. In the banner we can read "Nasi Uduk". Nasi uduk is Indonesian culinary rice. Nasi uduk is the prime food of the shop. If we'll find the shop like this we'll find the same menu like this :

@ Pecel Lele is a packet content Nasi Uduk and fried freshwater catfish plus fresh fruit and "sambal terasi". Sambal terasi is sauce made with shrimp paste. Fresh fruits consists of cabbage, basil, cucumber etc. The combination of fruits said "lalap"

@ Pecel Ayam is a packet content Nasi Uduk and fried chicken. The difference with the pecel lele, this packet content fried chiken, not fried freshwater catfish.

The others packet is Ati Ampela, Nasi Goreng, Sop Ayam etc.

November 11, 2008

Senen The Place That Very Known

This picture is Senen Traditional Market, captured from Atrium Senen Plaza. First, Senen is a name of the traditional market that placed in Center Jakarta. But now Senen is name Plaza that across by street said Atrium Senen. In left side found Senen Terminal.
WE can find public transport to Senen and vice verse for 24 hour every day. The destination are Kota Terminal, Kampung Melayu Terminal and sometimes we can find public transport to Harmoni and Blok between 10.00 pm to about 05.00 am.
In the office hour too easy to get public transport in Senen. In Senen there are three busway shelter and so near. The three shelter is Senen Shelter, Central Senen and Atriun shelter. The Central Senen shelter is cross road by Kampung Melayu - Ancol Route with Harmoni - Pulo Gadung Route.
I this traditional market, the activity start from about 02.00 am. Senen known as center of cake. Jakarta society said "Kue Subuh". Means cake that sold in the dawn. The pastry trader buy cake here and sell to others places around Jakarta.
If we ask where Senen, all of Jakarta Society will know where the place.

November 7, 2008

The Other Old Building

An old building in Old Town Jakarta. I don't know what kind architecture but I just know that over 350 years Dutch colonise in Indonesia. We can find many building that structured by Dutch Government Indonesia Include in Jakarta. This building placed about 100 meters from Kota Station Trans Jakarta, Busway. A part of Old Town complex but until now this building still in renovation. Where the others building in this complex now are museum like Fatahillah Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum and many others. The transport that pass this building are M12 from Senen and M08 from Tanah Abang that turn around old town before back to Senen or Tanah Abang.
May be in the future The Jakarta Government will make this building as travel destination. I also sad saw there a few build in here that have broken. But Government have repair the buildings. I hope all of building can be good again without change the origin architecture. The Old Town is a unique region because in this complex found building with unique architecture too.

Trans Jakarta Interior

Trans Jakarta Transport Interior made with sit that mutually front on. Capacity of this bus maximum 85 passenger. Even though the Trans Jakarta Transport operator got many complaint of passenger, I think until now The Trans Jakarta is a transport that most com portable. I this bus we'll never see beggars, civilians and singing beggars. We can got good service from Trans Jakarta Crew and even can give us guidance how to go to the place we want. May be the language will be obstacle if we travel in Jakarta. In this think we can talk to student that many of them are passenger of Trans Jakarta, Bus way. Trans Jakarta Bu sway existence make me too easy to go to the interest place because government always build bus way station in the famous interesting place like Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Ragunan Zoo. Even the next corridor Will build the bus way station in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

November 5, 2008

Jakarta Transport Kinds

This a kind of transport in Jakarta. Said Bajaj. Bajaj just operating in streets that licenced by government. The the old and classic transport. Majority of Jakarta society abuse this transport not more than 5 kilometer. Even, maybe most abuse this vehicle about 1 to 3 kilometer. A distance that can trace on foot. This mount consist of three wheel and can carry three passenger. This transport can be found in old town area. Because the transport have operated in Jakarta for long time ago. This transport scarce in area like Bekasi, Depok , Bogor and Tangerang.
Jakarta transportation are City Bus, Train, Delman, Ojek, Angkot (abbreviation of Angkotan Kota = City Transport ) and Busway.
City Bus many operating in Jakarta like Kopaja, Metromini, Patas, Mayasari and many others. Angkot found in streets that smaller where City Bus can operating there. Angkot can carry maximum 14 passenger. I hope can write again in detail about transport in Jakarta because I adventure in Jakarta with the transports.

October 30, 2008

Jagorawi Toll Road

Jagorawi Toll Road be spread out from UKI to Bogor. UKI abbreviation of Universitas Kristen Indonesia or Indonesian Christian University. Bogor is a place that known as Rain City. In Bogor found an area said Puncak. Puncak in Indonesia Language means highland. And that right, Puncak exist in highland and so cool. Puncak is joy place of Jakarta sociaty. A place that so suitable to week end. If we start to pass this street from UKI, will feel the fresh air. Along this street grew green trees.

In Bogor found Baranansiang Terminal. So easy to get bus from Baranansiang to Kampung Rambutan Terminal or UKI. Although UKI just a campus, not terminal but the campus very strategic. UKI famous like others terminal in Jakarta.

Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

This is Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The primary stadium. The others stadium in the same complex are Istana Olahraga Senayan and Tennis Indoor Senayan. The stadium too famous. In big moment all of Indonesian focus here. Indonesian sport not very good in International Even, maybe just badminton that make Indonesia famous in the world. Indonesia have got several Thomas Cup and Uber Cup. And in Olympic games Indonesia just can got Gold Medal from badminton sport. Besides that, Indonesia also have boxer that so famous like Ellyas Pical, an ex of world boxing champion. And now we know Chris John as the winner too. On Oktober 24th, 2008 Chris John achieved Super Champion Title after win in games with Japanesse Boxer, Hironuki Enoki.
First, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium said Stadion Utama Senayan. In KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gusdur) time goverment, He changed the stadium name. Now the name is Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. Bung Karno is the nick name of Indonesian First President, Sukarno.

This location found in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. Exactly in front of Gelora Bung Karno and Polda Metro shelter at Blok M - Kota Corridor ( Corridor 1) bus way.

The shopping mall nearest are Senayan City, Ratu Plaza,Blok M Mall, Plaza Senayan, Plaza Semanggi etc. The main streets nearest are Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Gatot Subroto.

October 26, 2008

Olimo Shelter

This picture captured on June 22th, 2008. I was standing on the bridge and saw a good picture where water, trees and shelter be a combination that beautiful. This Olimo Shelter. One of the shelters in Corridor I Transjakarta, Busway. The corridor I is a busway route between Kota and Blok M.
In the across of the shelter found Mediterania Apartment and Mercury Hotel. The other building that near with the place like Jayakarta Tower, Lindeteves Trade Centre (LTC), Warta Kota Newspaper Office, Shopping Centre Glodok, etc
The shelter found between two streets, Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Hayam Wuruk. The both street is parallel and press the Ciliwung River. Find this place from Harmoni in 15 minutes and from Kota in 5 minutes by TransJakarta, busway.Picture captured on 6 08' 57.44" S, 106 48' 59.82" E google earth position

Ragunan Zoo

The centre point of Ragunan Zoo placed in 6 18' 41.82" S, 106 49' 11.62" E google earth coordinate. Ragunan Zoo located in South Jakarta. In this zoo found many species animals from Indonesia and abroad. Builded in Jakarta but this zoo besides found many animals species we'll find fresh air because too many plants in this zoo like a forest. Tha's why so wealth to go walk around at this zoo. We'll find too many seat under tree. So cool.
This place is the end of the busway route of Ragunan - Dukuh Atas Corridor.. Just get the busway shelter, find Ragunan - Dukuh Atas corridor. Get Ragunan Zoo direct where in front of the shelter we can buy the ticket. One think that really made me an inpression when I saw a peafowl unfold feather at tail. So wonderful.


The situation of Harmoni Central Busway, HCB at 10.00 pm that should about to closed service. Transjakarta, busway operating from 05.00 am to 10.00 pm. At time busy like after office hour this shelter very narrow about between 15.00 pm to 20.00 pm.
This shelter made busway central because Harmoni is the crossroad that so busy. HCB is meeting point of three busway corridor are Kota - Blok M, Kali Deres - Pasar Baru and Harmoni - Pulo Gadung.
At around this place we can find many public transportation from many direction besides busway. We can find near the shelter Duta Merlin Complex where found hypermart, food court, banks, church and many others. Beside of the complex found BTN Tower and UOB building.
This place is crossroad of streets are Jalan Gajah Mada, Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Jalan Juanda, Jalan Majapahit and Jalan Suryopranoto. This shelter found above Ciliwung river like Olimo shelter. The shelter only one stop from National Monument, about 1 kilometer. Google Earth Position : 6 09' 59.13" S, 106 49' 13.68" N


This picture captured at 06.00 pm from the front of Balai Sarbini, dome of Plaza Semanggi. The buildings stand in SCBD complex. SCBD is abbreviation of Sudirman Centre Business District. The building like Ritz Carlton, Bursa Efek Indonesia, BEI, Sudirman Tower etc.
The Plaza Semanggi across of SCBD. We can go to SCBD via Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Gatot Subroto. So is the Plaza Semanggi. We can go there from both the streets too. Found in same busway corridor, Blok M - Kota but for Plaza Semanggi we can get it from Bendungan Hilir shelter and SCBD via Polda Metro Jaya shelter. This places is centre of modern Jakarta, so strategic. Around it found Atmajaya Catholic University, Plaza Sentral, BRI Tower, Hilton Hotel, Polda Metro Jaya Head Quarters.
In Plaza Semanggi found many kind shop like electronic, phone cell, hypermarket, bookstore, movies, fast food restaurant, Indonesian traditional restaurant, Internet cafe and many others.
Balai Sarbini is a dome that very famous besides cause by 'The Best Meeting Point' by name that reality also cause by in this place go on Indonesian Idol a talent show like American Idol. Name like Joy Tobing, Delon, Mike Mohede, Ihsan or Rini Wulandari can't be separated with name of this dome, Balai Sarbini.. Indonesian Idol and Balai Sarbini are words that very impress in heart of Indonesian Idol audience that presented of RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesi). Semanggi as crossing point of main streets: Jalan Gatot Subroto and Jalan Jenderal Sudirman exactly in Jembatan Semanggi that meaningful Semanggi bridge is always said in Indonesian Reformation History. In this bridge a few of university student died caused by soldiers shot.

October 19, 2008

Kampung Rambutan

Kampung Rambutan Terminal with Google Earth Position : 6 18' 32.86" S, 106 52' 54.11" E is a terminal where we can get public transportation to all Jakarta include Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi. Also we can get bus to city in East Java, Middle of Java, West Java. Moreover we can go cross the sea by bus to other island like Sumatra with ship the bus. In this terminal found bus way shelter. So, no problem to get Trans Jakarta by this terminal. We also can go direct to Sukarno Hatta Airport in Cengkareng with once by bus.
From this terminal found public transport 121 (number of public transport Kampung Rambutan Terminal - Cileungsi Route) to Cileungsi. The route pass jagorawi Tol and Jalan Transyogi. The interesting place that passed this route like scout camp location that said "Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur". This is the camp location that famous for scout in all Indonesia. By this route along Jalan Transyogi found housings like Puri Sriwedari Cibubur, Rafless Hill, Taman Laguna, Kranggan Permai, Citra Indah, Kota Wisata, Legenda Wisata etc. We can arrive at that places only by once transport from Kampung Rambutan Terminal : 121, the blue armada.
House of Indonesia President 2004 -2009 period, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, found in this route, Cikeas. Many destination like this if we go from this terminal. At every route will find many housings. If Kampung Rambutan is a terminal in southeast from Jakarta thus in the other side we will find terminal with the same function.
For Kampung Rambutan terminal service transport for east and south of Jakarta. Bekasi in east side , Depok and Bogor in south side. Cileungsi, part of Bogor that border on Bekasi. There is satellite city, urban development area. Many people work in Jakarta but live in Bekasi, Bogor, Depok and Tangerang. They have reason for that. Land and house cheaper compare with Jakarta area. Also environment that still natural, fresh air caused by many trees evermore in Bogor , an area that enaugh cool still found forest.
From this place found once transport to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). TMII is miniature of Indonesia. Almost all of big race in Indonesia represented there. I promise will give you note about my foot print there. We can go there by public transport code K40 and KR.
In same route we will find Lobang Buaya Monument. Location where happen Gerakan 30 September 1966. A story about kidnapping and killing by Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). But until now the truth of the story still be controversial in Indonesian History.

Dukuh Atas

This people wasn't crossing street by bridge but transfer from Shelter to other shelter. The passenger must walk on foot about 0.5 kilometer. The shelter that found in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman with so much office building,very narrow in after hour office or before. In Dukuh Atas found two shelter. Dukuh Atas 1 as part of Blok M - Kota corridor and Dukuh Atas 2 as part of Pulo Gadung - Dukuh Atas and Ragunan -Latuharhari corridor.This is a shelter where the Transjakarta passengers transit from Kota - Blok M corridorto Pulo Gadung, Matraman, Ragunan, Kuningan Area that said Rasuna Said and vice versa. This Place is meeting point of the three busway corridor. Around this place found rise building. The buildings are Nugra Santana, Landmark, Wisma BNI 46, Bumi Putra, Wisma Indofood, Da Vinci Hotel, Tiga Roda, Wisma Kyoei Prince, Artha Loka, etc. Before this place not busy crossroad but shelter Transjakarta presence made this place change to transit place between corridor.
Shelter position between Tosari, Setia Budi, Latuharhari and Halimun shelter.Jakarta inhabitant need better transportation. Overload Transjakarta passenger proof this thing. Traffic jam in fact is a big problem in Jakarta City and one solution from goverment is busway transportation system. Beetwen Sudirman Rail Station And Landmark building found a water channel. Goverment once profit this channel to made water transportation that said waterway. And one quay find here. However, when this note posted the waterway no operation again. I don't know what the problem exactl. Other transportation but still constsuction, monorail. Name of the street, Sudirman is name of Indonesian hero that fight Indonesian freedom. That's why in the middle of the street, near the shelter stand statue of General Sudirman. I want to inform a little the content of the buildings. Europcar Indorent, Bank Mandiri, Indomaret in Tigaroda building.
Japan Airlines, Epson, Bank Internatiomal Indonesia in Wisma Kyoei Prince, DKI Bank ATM in Wisma Nugra Santana. Internet company, PT Uninet, GKRI Diaspora in Landmark building. PT Amway, PT Cadera in Wisma BNI 46.
Google Earth position : 6 12' 16.03" S, 106 49' 21.97" E

Life In The Water Of Ciliwung

This is water of Ciliwung River captured in June 2008 in the morning from foot bridge on 6 08' 49.98" S, 106 48' 58.10" E google earth position face to south. Placed between Jayakarta Hotel and Lindeteves Trade Centre, Jalan Hayam Wuruk.
In the night we will see people that live around this place fishing here. That's means still life in the water of Ciliwung River although the river flow pass the big city, Jakarta.
Only a few kilometer from this place the river empty to sea. The picture exact between to street are jalan Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Gajah Mada.
At work time, noise of shopping centre Glodok will we felt because about to arrive there from Harmoni direction. Around this place will find important place like Jayakarta Tower, Starcity apartment, BII (Bank Internasional Indonesia) building, Lindeteves Trade Centre, etc.
I very enjoy with this place beside thinks above. Because very wonderful to get along with people in this area consists of Betawi, Chinese, Java, Sunda and many others. In the night besides the restaurant we will find sale in along of the street with low cheap food. Get this place. So easy by Transjakarta Busway. Just find Corridor I and you'll find this place between Glodok and Olimo Shelter.

October 18, 2008

Kali Besar

This picture captured from fly over that boundary old town on google earth coordinate position 6 08' 23.41" S, 106 48' 27.66" E face to north. Appear a water channel that said Kali Besar. Kali Besar is a river that split the old town. The street in the left side is Jalan Perniagaan Barat. Perniagaan means business central. That's means this street is the business central long time ago.They said that water of channel was drinkable in Dutch Colonization period in Indonesia.This place about two kilometer from Beos Rail Station and Kota Transjakarta Busway Station where both is found in the same place.At along side of the street appear old buildings. This old town of Jakarta. Looked this panorama made me thought how long story of this town.

Yesus Kristus Church Building

The Jesus Christ Church in Indonesia said Gereja Kristus Yesus (GKY). In this picture we see an old building of GKY and now be a library of the church. This church is across of Lindeteves Trade Centre (LTC). Between LTC and GKY found street Jalan Mangga Besar 1 and Ciliwung river. The church found in the back of LTC. So, no difficult to find this place. The Building Church is included the big church building in Jakarta.Picture captured on position : 6 08' 44.07" S, 106 49' 03.82" E google earth face to east.

October 17, 2008

Matraman Shelter

This place crossroad by Ancol - Kampung Melayu and Dukuh Atas - Pulogadung corridor or crossroad by street are Jalan Matraman Raya and Jalan Pramuka. Around the place found Padang restaurant, Minang Sepakat, Grand Menteng Hotel, Fuji Film Building, BCA building, Social Department, National Library,Budiluhur University, etc. Found two shelter that connected by bridge. Matraman 1 shelter of Kampung Melayu - Ancol corridor and Matraman 2 shelter of Pulo Gadung - Dukuh Atas corridor. This crossing placed between 4 shelter are Manggarai, Tegalan, Pasar Genjing and Salemba. Google Earth position : 6 11' 58.41'' S, 106 51' 14.15'' E. In Tegalan Shelter found biggest book store in Indonesia, Gramedia Kramat. In front of Manggarai Shelter found Pasaraya Shoping Center. In Salemba found Indonesia University first campus. Near of Pasar Genjing found Pramuka Medicine Center, known as Pasar Pramuka.

October 15, 2008

Lindeteves Trade Center

Lindeteves Trade Centre promoted as technial hypermart that sale product and service with price that same with Glodok Shoping Center. So, LTC said 'Hypermarket Teknik Harga Glodok'. Where Glodok famous caused by price of product and service known cheap. LTC opening in end of 2007. In fact many owner of store in Glodok move to LTC.
Beside technical store in LTC found hypermart, Banks like Mandiri, Panin, NISP, Lippobank, Niaga, Bank Central Asia (BCA). LTC face to face with Starcity Apartment, Mustika Hotel and Restaurant, Maxim Fresh Fruit Store, Cityloft Gajah Mada and few store. In the left side found Jayakarta Hotel and Food Place separated by street namely Jalan Labu. In back side found GKY(Jesus Christ Church) separated by street namely Jalan Mangga Besar 1 and Ciliwung River. In the right side found Glodok Shoping Centre separated by street namely Jalan Blustru.
Found many alternatif to get technical service here. Technical service for home, factory, home industri and office.
For home technical need found lighting center, electronic instrument, generator, antenna and booster, flooring and wood working, waterpump, fans etc.
For factory and home industri need found cable, capasitor, safety equipment, controllers, sensors, stabilizer, switching, power supply, slide regulator, inverter, UPS, hidraulic and pneumatic seal, gasoline diesel, transmission roller chains and many other specialist tools.
For office and privat need found cell phone stores, internet cafe and free hot spot in food court floor 2. At every corner almost in all floor found coin public phone. This building located between Glodok and Olimo shelter of Blok M - Kota corridor. Also passed by M12 the public transport, Kota - Senen route and M08 the public transport, Kota - Tanah Abang route. M12 and M08 operating for 24 hours.

Archive Buiding

This is Arsip National Indonesia Building. Placed at Jalan Gajah Mada. Arsip meaningful archive. In this building often organized wedding party. This is a historis building. So, protected by goverment.The buildings around this place continue changed become modern building.Because this area that close by with the centre of old town Jakarta. Sometimes owner of the old building overthrow they house or store caused by just for change it become new building. Also caused by their kind of busines not suitable again with the old building. Other reason caused by the building collapse because the building had too old.
In left side of this building found Bank Central Asia, BCA complete with ATM and in right side found Gramedia Gajah Mada Book Store. In cross by street Padang Restaurant, Saribundo and Garuda, Kentucky Fried Chiken KFC, Superindo Swalayan, etc. Hayam Wuruk Buìlding and Hayam Wuruk Plaza.
Placed between Mangga Besar and Sawah Besar shelter of Blok M - Kota busway corridor. This Archive building first was house of goverment at Dutch colonialization period. Where first not part of city. The city area only in now said Old Town or also said Old Batavia. Jakarta ever known as Batavia, Sunda Kelapa and Jayakarta and finally until now known Jakarta. There is the long story of Jakarta City. So when The Archive Building constructed, this area may be still village that distance from old town about 4 kilometers. May be as governor that boring live in city, sometimes he go to village to got fresh. Like this time Jakarta inhabitat go to Puncak Bogor. May be caused by this building that so artistic often used to wedding party. Moreover have large yard for parking. This place only 15 minutes by busway from Harmoni or from Beos, Kota rail station. If not by bus way maybe longer. This placed also passed by M12 public transport Kota - Senen route and 08 Kota - Tanah Abang route.

October 14, 2008

A Corner In Old Town

This is a corner in Jakarta Old Town. The Old Town found in the area that Jakarta inhabitant said Kota. Kota meaningful city. Maybe long time ago city only in this area so this area said Kota until now. If we walk in this area felt like in long time ago. In the left and right side stand old buildings. Like the picture I see in History Book or in movie about Indonesian history.
Architectural of the building here so wonderful. Beside walk on foot we also can coast the streets along this old town with rent bicycle. I start from Mandiri Museum Bank across by street with Kota Busway Station. After that found Indonesian Bank Museum, across by this building found Bank Mandiri Office. I walked to west and found water channel said Kali Besar. Across of the channel found modern office and old building.I turn to the right, coast Kali Besar channel and found small terminal said Terminal Bus Kota Tua. I turn to the right again, in corner I passed a empty old building. The wall, door and window had broken down. In side dark and horrible. Moreover, suddenly I red a word in Indonesian : awas hantu !! . The meaningful : be careful any ghost !!. In fact I saw many house in this old town like this. Empty and horrible!. I hurriedly walked again coast Jalan Kali Besar Timur. And finally I saw Big Post Office that face to face with Fatahillah Museum and The Arts and The Ceramic museum at Jalan Pos Kota. Too easy to find this location. Because found Kota Busway Station, Beos Rail Station and bus terminal. This place so strategic because located near Glodok and Mangga Dua Shopping Center. Also near with Ancol recreation center. Jakarta Government continue to protect and rehabilitation this place.

October 12, 2008

Jakarta History Museum

This is Jakarta History Museum. Located in Old Town exactly at Jalan Taman Fatahillah 1. The building appear Dutch architectural caused by the building founded in Dutch Government time. In front of lobby still found banner 'GOUVERNEURSKANTOOR'. I just guess meaning of the words in Dutch Language. I felt so closed by with 2 words in Indonesia 'Gubernur' and 'kantor'. In English 'gubernur' is governor and 'kantor' is office. So, maybe the word 'kantor' that come from Dutch Language where many of Indonesian people don't know but they always use the word everyday. Dutch colonize Indonesia for 350 years.
I enter in to the museum, and first I red word 'Balai Kota', where the meaningful about : Jakarta Mayor Office that constructed in January 1707. By chance, going on exhibition in back room. From the exhibition I got information about downtown. An area around Kali Besar, Sunda Kelapa Seaport, now known as Pasar Ikan, Kampung Cina and Glodok known as Oud Batavia.
In other room found information about Jakarta long time ago. Like Portuguese Cultural Influence. Keroncong Tugu music. Historical Place, Kampung Tugu, The portuguese churches, The 'si Jagur' canon. The Portuguese Nau Redonda and The arrival Portuguese Merchants. In next room found route of local comodities. The Kings of Sunda and The Sunda Kingdom. Kingdom stretched from the strait in the west to westren part of central java. The Sunda Kalapa port situated at mouth of the Ciliwung River now known as Jakarta. Continue , there few statue. The Siwa statue, Rajarsi, Wisnu, Ganesa, Durga Kali.

October 11, 2008

Bendungan Hilir

This pictured captured from Bendungan Hilir bridge foot on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman on a Sunday. Where on Sunday this street closed for car at hour decided, only Transjakarta bus that pass this street. So, at that time sometimes this street used to jogging. Moreover the street used for others sport. Government do this for down air pollution in Jakarta.
In work day this street so busy. In back of me found Atmajaya University, BRI Tower, Plaza Semanggi etc. In the left side found Wisma Benhil, Wisma Sudirman, Wisma Dharmala Sakti, Le Meridien Hotel, ANZ building. In the right side found, Plaza Sentral, Sampurna Strategic Building, Standard Chartered Bank building. World Trade Center building, Sona Topaz. This area known as Jakarta Business Center. Because this street is the side of Jakarta Gold Triangle, where the three streets as side of the Triangle namely Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jalan Gatot Subroto and Jalan Rasuna Said.
This street found in Blok M - Kota busway corridor. Point where I stand to captured this picture also is Bendungan Hilir Shelter. The next shelter in front of me is Karet Shelter. If Bendungan Hilir is also name of street, where that street found in left side of me, first turn to the left, Karet is name of area around the shelter.If Bendungan Hilir is a street in first turn to the left, in first turn to the right is street to Rumah Sakit Jakarta or Jakarta Hospital.

October 10, 2008

Sunset in Ancol

Wow. I want to tell you about a place that so wonderful. A place that so large. Found many game to get refreshing. From game that make throb until corners that so romantic. Namely Taman Impian Jaya Ancol . Only about 15 minutes by public transport from Kota Tua Terminal (Old Town), about 25 minutes from Tanjumg Priuk Terminal or by Trans Jakarta direct from Ancol shelter. Also not more than 1 kilometer from shopping Center Mangga Dua Square and WTC Mangga Dua. In Ancol area found Halilintar that make your adrenalin raise and down. Found Sea World where you can see fish like close friend to you. And you can feel sunset in the beach of Ancol. Actually I would go to Carnaval Beach, a part of Ancol. But I enter in main door. I didn't know that between the main door and the Carnaval Beach so far. About 2 kilometer. Someone people suggest me to get the beach by free transport but I want to go there just on foot. Because I can go to Carnaval coast the Ancol Beach.
And thank God! About 06.00 pm, I walked along the Ancol beach. A good time that I had not made plan. A surprise comfort. The place for toy boat. Also sand beach for swimming. At next part found cafe along side the beach. Moreover fast foot like AW found here. In the beach found a few hotel like Mercury Hotel. Putri Duyung Hotel . I also saw a cafe that provide hot spot Internet service. First, Ancol just a place ghost andis a swamp, Ciputra said. He very proud as developer of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Now Ancol that first known as ghost place, right now is a beautiful place. Even a tv station ever broadcasted a serial about ghost in Ancol. The serial said : Si Manis Jembatan Ancol. Meaningful ghost in Ancol bridge. But this the TV serial that broadcasted for a few month wasn't influential that Ancol horrible. All of Jakarta inhabitant know Ancol as pleasant place. I felt like enter to beautiful small city.


This river is Ciliwung River that said Kali Ciliwung. Exactly in back of Glodok Shopping Center. It seems like so lonely but actually at the left right the situation so busy. A shopping center that so dynamic. From picture Glodok Shopping Center found in the right side and the street in the left side is Jalan Mangga Besar 1. Picture captured from bridge that connect Jalan Mangga Besar 1 and Glodok Shopping Center, that always said : Glodok.
Glodok is well known for long time. A place that found of stores in row and plaza. Harco Glodok, HWI Lindeteves, Glodok Plaza, Pinangsia Plaza and across by street found Glodok Jaya where connected by bridge that also found of stores. The stores in Glodok service tools, equipment machinery, electronic, VCD, DVD, mp3, cable, sound system, karaoke, Marching, Conference system, Musical instrumental and many others. If we enter to Glodok Plaza found fitness sport and health equipment. TV plasma, sound system, many kinds of camera, food court. CCTV, electrical for home, Audio centre.
If we move to the next mall namely Pinangsia Plaza found Play Station, Computer centre and spare part include computer software. The next, Harco Glodok found more electronics. Too many kind.
Glodok located in meeting point of streets : Jalan Gajah Mada - Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan. The Glodok busway shelter found in front of Glodok. This shelter is the first stop if we go from Kota Station. This place found in Blok M - Kota busway corridor.