October 14, 2008

A Corner In Old Town

This is a corner in Jakarta Old Town. The Old Town found in the area that Jakarta inhabitant said Kota. Kota meaningful city. Maybe long time ago city only in this area so this area said Kota until now. If we walk in this area felt like in long time ago. In the left and right side stand old buildings. Like the picture I see in History Book or in movie about Indonesian history.
Architectural of the building here so wonderful. Beside walk on foot we also can coast the streets along this old town with rent bicycle. I start from Mandiri Museum Bank across by street with Kota Busway Station. After that found Indonesian Bank Museum, across by this building found Bank Mandiri Office. I walked to west and found water channel said Kali Besar. Across of the channel found modern office and old building.I turn to the right, coast Kali Besar channel and found small terminal said Terminal Bus Kota Tua. I turn to the right again, in corner I passed a empty old building. The wall, door and window had broken down. In side dark and horrible. Moreover, suddenly I red a word in Indonesian : awas hantu !! . The meaningful : be careful any ghost !!. In fact I saw many house in this old town like this. Empty and horrible!. I hurriedly walked again coast Jalan Kali Besar Timur. And finally I saw Big Post Office that face to face with Fatahillah Museum and The Arts and The Ceramic museum at Jalan Pos Kota. Too easy to find this location. Because found Kota Busway Station, Beos Rail Station and bus terminal. This place so strategic because located near Glodok and Mangga Dua Shopping Center. Also near with Ancol recreation center. Jakarta Government continue to protect and rehabilitation this place.

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