October 30, 2008

Jagorawi Toll Road

Jagorawi Toll Road be spread out from UKI to Bogor. UKI abbreviation of Universitas Kristen Indonesia or Indonesian Christian University. Bogor is a place that known as Rain City. In Bogor found an area said Puncak. Puncak in Indonesia Language means highland. And that right, Puncak exist in highland and so cool. Puncak is joy place of Jakarta sociaty. A place that so suitable to week end. If we start to pass this street from UKI, will feel the fresh air. Along this street grew green trees.

In Bogor found Baranansiang Terminal. So easy to get bus from Baranansiang to Kampung Rambutan Terminal or UKI. Although UKI just a campus, not terminal but the campus very strategic. UKI famous like others terminal in Jakarta.

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