October 18, 2008

Kali Besar

This picture captured from fly over that boundary old town on google earth coordinate position 6 08' 23.41" S, 106 48' 27.66" E face to north. Appear a water channel that said Kali Besar. Kali Besar is a river that split the old town. The street in the left side is Jalan Perniagaan Barat. Perniagaan means business central. That's means this street is the business central long time ago.They said that water of channel was drinkable in Dutch Colonization period in Indonesia.This place about two kilometer from Beos Rail Station and Kota Transjakarta Busway Station where both is found in the same place.At along side of the street appear old buildings. This old town of Jakarta. Looked this panorama made me thought how long story of this town.

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