October 15, 2008

Lindeteves Trade Center

Lindeteves Trade Centre promoted as technial hypermart that sale product and service with price that same with Glodok Shoping Center. So, LTC said 'Hypermarket Teknik Harga Glodok'. Where Glodok famous caused by price of product and service known cheap. LTC opening in end of 2007. In fact many owner of store in Glodok move to LTC.
Beside technical store in LTC found hypermart, Banks like Mandiri, Panin, NISP, Lippobank, Niaga, Bank Central Asia (BCA). LTC face to face with Starcity Apartment, Mustika Hotel and Restaurant, Maxim Fresh Fruit Store, Cityloft Gajah Mada and few store. In the left side found Jayakarta Hotel and Food Place separated by street namely Jalan Labu. In back side found GKY(Jesus Christ Church) separated by street namely Jalan Mangga Besar 1 and Ciliwung River. In the right side found Glodok Shoping Centre separated by street namely Jalan Blustru.
Found many alternatif to get technical service here. Technical service for home, factory, home industri and office.
For home technical need found lighting center, electronic instrument, generator, antenna and booster, flooring and wood working, waterpump, fans etc.
For factory and home industri need found cable, capasitor, safety equipment, controllers, sensors, stabilizer, switching, power supply, slide regulator, inverter, UPS, hidraulic and pneumatic seal, gasoline diesel, transmission roller chains and many other specialist tools.
For office and privat need found cell phone stores, internet cafe and free hot spot in food court floor 2. At every corner almost in all floor found coin public phone. This building located between Glodok and Olimo shelter of Blok M - Kota corridor. Also passed by M12 the public transport, Kota - Senen route and M08 the public transport, Kota - Tanah Abang route. M12 and M08 operating for 24 hours.

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