October 26, 2008

Olimo Shelter

This picture captured on June 22th, 2008. I was standing on the bridge and saw a good picture where water, trees and shelter be a combination that beautiful. This Olimo Shelter. One of the shelters in Corridor I Transjakarta, Busway. The corridor I is a busway route between Kota and Blok M.
In the across of the shelter found Mediterania Apartment and Mercury Hotel. The other building that near with the place like Jayakarta Tower, Lindeteves Trade Centre (LTC), Warta Kota Newspaper Office, Shopping Centre Glodok, etc
The shelter found between two streets, Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Hayam Wuruk. The both street is parallel and press the Ciliwung River. Find this place from Harmoni in 15 minutes and from Kota in 5 minutes by TransJakarta, busway.Picture captured on 6 08' 57.44" S, 106 48' 59.82" E google earth position

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