October 26, 2008

Ragunan Zoo

The centre point of Ragunan Zoo placed in 6 18' 41.82" S, 106 49' 11.62" E google earth coordinate. Ragunan Zoo located in South Jakarta. In this zoo found many species animals from Indonesia and abroad. Builded in Jakarta but this zoo besides found many animals species we'll find fresh air because too many plants in this zoo like a forest. Tha's why so wealth to go walk around at this zoo. We'll find too many seat under tree. So cool.
This place is the end of the busway route of Ragunan - Dukuh Atas Corridor.. Just get the busway shelter, find Ragunan - Dukuh Atas corridor. Get Ragunan Zoo direct where in front of the shelter we can buy the ticket. One think that really made me an inpression when I saw a peafowl unfold feather at tail. So wonderful.

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