October 26, 2008


This picture captured at 06.00 pm from the front of Balai Sarbini, dome of Plaza Semanggi. The buildings stand in SCBD complex. SCBD is abbreviation of Sudirman Centre Business District. The building like Ritz Carlton, Bursa Efek Indonesia, BEI, Sudirman Tower etc.
The Plaza Semanggi across of SCBD. We can go to SCBD via Jalan Jenderal Sudirman and Jalan Gatot Subroto. So is the Plaza Semanggi. We can go there from both the streets too. Found in same busway corridor, Blok M - Kota but for Plaza Semanggi we can get it from Bendungan Hilir shelter and SCBD via Polda Metro Jaya shelter. This places is centre of modern Jakarta, so strategic. Around it found Atmajaya Catholic University, Plaza Sentral, BRI Tower, Hilton Hotel, Polda Metro Jaya Head Quarters.
In Plaza Semanggi found many kind shop like electronic, phone cell, hypermarket, bookstore, movies, fast food restaurant, Indonesian traditional restaurant, Internet cafe and many others.
Balai Sarbini is a dome that very famous besides cause by 'The Best Meeting Point' by name that reality also cause by in this place go on Indonesian Idol a talent show like American Idol. Name like Joy Tobing, Delon, Mike Mohede, Ihsan or Rini Wulandari can't be separated with name of this dome, Balai Sarbini.. Indonesian Idol and Balai Sarbini are words that very impress in heart of Indonesian Idol audience that presented of RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesi). Semanggi as crossing point of main streets: Jalan Gatot Subroto and Jalan Jenderal Sudirman exactly in Jembatan Semanggi that meaningful Semanggi bridge is always said in Indonesian Reformation History. In this bridge a few of university student died caused by soldiers shot.

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