October 10, 2008

Sunset in Ancol

Wow. I want to tell you about a place that so wonderful. A place that so large. Found many game to get refreshing. From game that make throb until corners that so romantic. Namely Taman Impian Jaya Ancol . Only about 15 minutes by public transport from Kota Tua Terminal (Old Town), about 25 minutes from Tanjumg Priuk Terminal or by Trans Jakarta direct from Ancol shelter. Also not more than 1 kilometer from shopping Center Mangga Dua Square and WTC Mangga Dua. In Ancol area found Halilintar that make your adrenalin raise and down. Found Sea World where you can see fish like close friend to you. And you can feel sunset in the beach of Ancol. Actually I would go to Carnaval Beach, a part of Ancol. But I enter in main door. I didn't know that between the main door and the Carnaval Beach so far. About 2 kilometer. Someone people suggest me to get the beach by free transport but I want to go there just on foot. Because I can go to Carnaval coast the Ancol Beach.
And thank God! About 06.00 pm, I walked along the Ancol beach. A good time that I had not made plan. A surprise comfort. The place for toy boat. Also sand beach for swimming. At next part found cafe along side the beach. Moreover fast foot like AW found here. In the beach found a few hotel like Mercury Hotel. Putri Duyung Hotel . I also saw a cafe that provide hot spot Internet service. First, Ancol just a place ghost andis a swamp, Ciputra said. He very proud as developer of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Now Ancol that first known as ghost place, right now is a beautiful place. Even a tv station ever broadcasted a serial about ghost in Ancol. The serial said : Si Manis Jembatan Ancol. Meaningful ghost in Ancol bridge. But this the TV serial that broadcasted for a few month wasn't influential that Ancol horrible. All of Jakarta inhabitant know Ancol as pleasant place. I felt like enter to beautiful small city.

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