October 19, 2008

Dukuh Atas

This people wasn't crossing street by bridge but transfer from Shelter to other shelter. The passenger must walk on foot about 0.5 kilometer. The shelter that found in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman with so much office building,very narrow in after hour office or before. In Dukuh Atas found two shelter. Dukuh Atas 1 as part of Blok M - Kota corridor and Dukuh Atas 2 as part of Pulo Gadung - Dukuh Atas and Ragunan -Latuharhari corridor.This is a shelter where the Transjakarta passengers transit from Kota - Blok M corridorto Pulo Gadung, Matraman, Ragunan, Kuningan Area that said Rasuna Said and vice versa. This Place is meeting point of the three busway corridor. Around this place found rise building. The buildings are Nugra Santana, Landmark, Wisma BNI 46, Bumi Putra, Wisma Indofood, Da Vinci Hotel, Tiga Roda, Wisma Kyoei Prince, Artha Loka, etc. Before this place not busy crossroad but shelter Transjakarta presence made this place change to transit place between corridor.
Shelter position between Tosari, Setia Budi, Latuharhari and Halimun shelter.Jakarta inhabitant need better transportation. Overload Transjakarta passenger proof this thing. Traffic jam in fact is a big problem in Jakarta City and one solution from goverment is busway transportation system. Beetwen Sudirman Rail Station And Landmark building found a water channel. Goverment once profit this channel to made water transportation that said waterway. And one quay find here. However, when this note posted the waterway no operation again. I don't know what the problem exactl. Other transportation but still constsuction, monorail. Name of the street, Sudirman is name of Indonesian hero that fight Indonesian freedom. That's why in the middle of the street, near the shelter stand statue of General Sudirman. I want to inform a little the content of the buildings. Europcar Indorent, Bank Mandiri, Indomaret in Tigaroda building.
Japan Airlines, Epson, Bank Internatiomal Indonesia in Wisma Kyoei Prince, DKI Bank ATM in Wisma Nugra Santana. Internet company, PT Uninet, GKRI Diaspora in Landmark building. PT Amway, PT Cadera in Wisma BNI 46.
Google Earth position : 6 12' 16.03" S, 106 49' 21.97" E

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