November 5, 2008

Jakarta Transport Kinds

This a kind of transport in Jakarta. Said Bajaj. Bajaj just operating in streets that licenced by government. The the old and classic transport. Majority of Jakarta society abuse this transport not more than 5 kilometer. Even, maybe most abuse this vehicle about 1 to 3 kilometer. A distance that can trace on foot. This mount consist of three wheel and can carry three passenger. This transport can be found in old town area. Because the transport have operated in Jakarta for long time ago. This transport scarce in area like Bekasi, Depok , Bogor and Tangerang.
Jakarta transportation are City Bus, Train, Delman, Ojek, Angkot (abbreviation of Angkotan Kota = City Transport ) and Busway.
City Bus many operating in Jakarta like Kopaja, Metromini, Patas, Mayasari and many others. Angkot found in streets that smaller where City Bus can operating there. Angkot can carry maximum 14 passenger. I hope can write again in detail about transport in Jakarta because I adventure in Jakarta with the transports.

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