November 7, 2008

The Other Old Building

An old building in Old Town Jakarta. I don't know what kind architecture but I just know that over 350 years Dutch colonise in Indonesia. We can find many building that structured by Dutch Government Indonesia Include in Jakarta. This building placed about 100 meters from Kota Station Trans Jakarta, Busway. A part of Old Town complex but until now this building still in renovation. Where the others building in this complex now are museum like Fatahillah Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum and many others. The transport that pass this building are M12 from Senen and M08 from Tanah Abang that turn around old town before back to Senen or Tanah Abang.
May be in the future The Jakarta Government will make this building as travel destination. I also sad saw there a few build in here that have broken. But Government have repair the buildings. I hope all of building can be good again without change the origin architecture. The Old Town is a unique region because in this complex found building with unique architecture too.

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