November 11, 2008

Senen The Place That Very Known

This picture is Senen Traditional Market, captured from Atrium Senen Plaza. First, Senen is a name of the traditional market that placed in Center Jakarta. But now Senen is name Plaza that across by street said Atrium Senen. In left side found Senen Terminal.
WE can find public transport to Senen and vice verse for 24 hour every day. The destination are Kota Terminal, Kampung Melayu Terminal and sometimes we can find public transport to Harmoni and Blok between 10.00 pm to about 05.00 am.
In the office hour too easy to get public transport in Senen. In Senen there are three busway shelter and so near. The three shelter is Senen Shelter, Central Senen and Atriun shelter. The Central Senen shelter is cross road by Kampung Melayu - Ancol Route with Harmoni - Pulo Gadung Route.
I this traditional market, the activity start from about 02.00 am. Senen known as center of cake. Jakarta society said "Kue Subuh". Means cake that sold in the dawn. The pastry trader buy cake here and sell to others places around Jakarta.
If we ask where Senen, all of Jakarta Society will know where the place.

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  1. wow budi u know so many things about jakarta. are u a true blue jakartan? m gonna fly there this week either on monday or tuesday. wish to see you there.