January 23, 2009

Message From Ciliwung

I was sitting in beside of the Ciliwung while enjoy with a cup of coffee. The coffee not from a restaurant but just from a little shop on the street. Beside this river there is a street namely Jalan Labu. This picture captured on one morning. No one else sitting there but in the night in I saw about 20 people fishing. Drizzle like want to made me moved from my place but I felt so good sit there. Wait them got fish. While I heard the water from little waterfall from flood gate. Heard songs by Malaysia singers from the little tape from other little shop.
I ever ask to someone about Ciliwung river caused by I see in Jakarta there many river, with the result Jakarta often said as water city. What the answer of my question? In fact the Ciliwung have changed follow the planning of Jakarta City. This river between the Lindeteves Trade Centre and Jayakarta Hotel. About one kilometer from Olimo Busway Shelter.
Morning before, I'd seen the river over flow. The overflow always happen in time like this every year, the rainy reason. The climate felt cool and if we wanna travel we must bring umbrella. The rain so difficult to predicted. In Jakarta the weather can different between one place with other place.
The place can said part of Mangga Besar region that said as prostitution region by Moammar Emka in his book : Jakarta Undercover. I think that wide of the mark.In fact we'll find many entertainment places here but life of Mangga Besar society not different with otherJakarta society. They also work and business. They can trading in their home or open store in shopping centre like in Glodok and around it, also in the other places. The Mangga Besar society consist of multi ethnical and can live in harmoni between an ethnic and other ethnic. May be Ciliwung can give us message that we'll just not can make friendship with between ethnics but we also can make harmoni friendship with nature.

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