September 11, 2010

The Batavia Hotel

This is a hotel in Old Town Jakarta that said Batavia. Standing in side by Kali Besar River. This place is part of the Old Town, the Photographic place. If we try to walk in this region we'll find much photographer that try to get the best picture.
This place so lonely, caused by Jakarta's community opinion that this place almost like the ghost town.
But acctually to get most about Batavia/Jakarta story, we can find in this place. The side of the Kali Besar River is a good place to sit in every places where we'll surrounded by many artistic old building.

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May 27, 2010

Gramedia Book Store

This is Matraman Gramedia Book Store. Place in Kramat Raya, the picture captured from Tegalan bus way shelter. We can come to this place by Kampung Melayu or Manggarai or Senen.
All of this building is the Gramedia Book Store. Consist of 4 floor with many kind of book. Include computer like note book, many kind music instrument, office tools, travel bag and many others.
Gramedia is a book store with big network.
You will get the best service from Gramedia employee here. The Gramedia book store just not exist here and we can get it in other places or other city but The Matraman Book store is the biggest store from all of Gramedia Book Store

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