February 5, 2011

The New Shelter Bridge Benhil Komdak

This is the shelter bridge after finished the one again bus way corridor in Jakarta namely Pinang Ranti - Pluit Corridor. The Pinang Ranti - Pluit intercrossing with the Blok M - Kota Corridor. This bridge is the bus way bridge longest in Jakarta this time.
This place is the strategic to go to the interesting place or business center in Jakarta. Moreover beside this bridge placed The Plaza Semanggi, the best meeting point in Jakarta. I capture this picture in drizzle and felt the cool climate Jakarta that every year always from December Christmas until February Chinese New Year.
If we walk in this bridge we'll see the main building in the center of Jakarta City from the nearest until to skyscraper that far from this place. The nearest place like, Standard Chartered Tower, Sampurna Strategic Building, Plaza Central, Plaza Semanggi, Atmajaya University, Intiland Tower and in south part exist the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) and many others building or favorite places

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