October 2, 2012

Transyogi, The Street of Presiden

Where is the street ? If we go to Bogor via Jagorawi toll, we will pass the exit toll Cibubur. If we try to enter this gate will find Transyogi street. Transyogi street spread from the Cibubur exit toll gate untill Cileungsi, a little city at southeast side of Jakarta. But this time Jakarta and Cileungsi were developing to be one city.
The fusion Jakarta and Cileungsi go on at along this street namely Transyogi. This street developing very fast and finally almost crowded when Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) that address in this street filled as Indonesian President in 2004, exactly in the place said Cikeas. Cikeas name had been a brand than always used by developer in selling their property that before so much constructed around Cikeas. 

Along this street we'll find Jambore Buperta, McDONALD Drive Thru, Pizza Hut, Cwie Mie Malang, Dunkin Donat, Dermaga Dimsun, Cibubur Point,Fiesta Steakhouse, Hanamasa, Prodia Lab, Plaza Cibubur,
Rafles Hills, SPBU Petronas,Taman Laguna, Puri Sriwedari, Permata Hospital, Meilia Hospital,Cibubur Residence etc

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