January 27, 2014

Sudirman Park Apartemen

This Apartemen actually not located at Sudirman Street but using name "Sudirman". Sudirman is a word that very famous in Jakarta. Sudirman known as center of business together with Gatot Soebroto and Rasuna Said Streets.

Sudirman Park Apartemen located at KH Mas Mansyur Street Kav 35, that nearby Sudirman Street. This thing makes Sudirman Park known much people as an apartemen that located at Sudirman. But this not a lie because we can get this place by Sudirman Street. We can walk on foot from Sudirman Street to get Sudirman Park. Not so far from Sudirman Street. Just about three kavling.

In this apartemen will find BCA bank, BRI bank, London School, Rudi Hadisuwarno Salon, 7 eleven, and others minimart and offices.

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