February 1, 2014

Green Central City

This is Green Central City at Gajah Mada Street. Consists of Novotel, ICBC Bank, 7 eleven and an old building, Pagoda. The Pagoda have been standing from long time ago. Far before this place constructed.

The Pagoda is cultural heritage, so no one can to crumbling down this building. That The Pagoda untill now still standing together with modern building in this place, The Green Central City.

The main building in this place is Novotel Gajah Mada where a last name of this building. First, this building constructed spend long time. One time the construct of this building stopped and     a few years next continued. This building change the name more than one before finished. Finally, this building given name Novotel, means this building is Novotel Hotel.

This place nearby LTC Glodok, Jayakarta Hotel, Glodok, Old Town, Glodok Busway Shelter, Olimo Busway Shelter, Mediterenia Apartemen and many others.

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