June 7, 2014

National Monument

Monas (Monument Nasional) standing in the center of Jakarta. The Monument have the big main square. Come to this places just not see the tower of monument but also make our eyes see the building in long distance.
People standing in line waiting get lift to the tower of the monument. Just IDR 15.000 we can see all from museum until tower. We also feeling really Indonesia in this place at museum under the monument. The old Indonesia song audible all time from every speaker in corner.
Wanna see Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church standing in harmony ?, get the picture like this from the tower of Monas in east side.
They were selling souvenir, t-shirt etc with cheap price.
Monas also be romantic place in twilight.
So easy to find Monas. Just get Trans Jakarta and stop at the Monas Shelter Corridor 1 or Gambir Shelter Corridor 2. You also can get this place by train with stop at Gambir Station

TMII Indonesia Miniature Park

TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) is one place that known just not by Jakarta community but all of Indonesian people.  Much of us as Indonesian not know about life of others ethnic at their place. We live in places that far from one to others. We need place like this, Indonesian Miniature.

Jakarta is a city with consists of multi ethnic that come from all places in Indonesia. Everybody leave their cultural life and come to Jakarta live together with others ethnic.TMII is a place that bring us like find a place that we leave. I can enter to the house in "Anjungan" and feel like enter to my really house. Just not that, in TMII we find much arena to game. Feel the natural here. Walk around Indonesia just on foot.

This is Keong Mas ("gold snail"). The unique room theater. This is just one place that we can to spend time here. We need time from open until close, eventhough all day here we cannot visit all the places.

June 4, 2014

Ethnic House in Indonesian Miniature Park (TMII)

Indonesian Miniature Park found in TMII ( Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). TMII is a big park that show Indonesian in multi ethnic. Visit this place like go around Indonesia from Aceh in the west until Papua in the east.
TMII is a smart concept how to find Indonesian in one place. Get this place by Trans Jakarta Public Transpor in Corridor 9. Stop at Taman Mini Garuda Shelter. From the shelter you have two option, on foot or use the next public transport K40 to the gate of TMII.
 This picture not in West Sumatra (Minangkabau) where we'll find the habitation that consists of house like this. This is in TMII in Jakarta City. The houses ethnic in this park same with the origin of the house include size and architecture. The people that build the houses were the ethnic house architect.
Classification of the houses base on province in Indonesia. In one province we'll find one or more ethnic, so same like in this park, we can find one or more ethnic house in one province.
In every house we can buy souvenir that match with the ethnic souvenir of the house.We also can enter to the house like enter to the really house in  Indonesia habitation.
Indonesia is a big country that separated by sea. You need much time to can visit all off that. You can find Indonesia here, TMII, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

The next picture, Tongkonan. This Toraja Ethnic House from South Of Sulawesi. In the same plots we'll find other ethnic house from South Sulawesi.

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