June 7, 2014

TMII Indonesia Miniature Park

TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) is one place that known just not by Jakarta community but all of Indonesian people.  Much of us as Indonesian not know about life of others ethnic at their place. We live in places that far from one to others. We need place like this, Indonesian Miniature.

Jakarta is a city with consists of multi ethnic that come from all places in Indonesia. Everybody leave their cultural life and come to Jakarta live together with others ethnic.TMII is a place that bring us like find a place that we leave. I can enter to the house in "Anjungan" and feel like enter to my really house. Just not that, in TMII we find much arena to game. Feel the natural here. Walk around Indonesia just on foot.

This is Keong Mas ("gold snail"). The unique room theater. This is just one place that we can to spend time here. We need time from open until close, eventhough all day here we cannot visit all the places.

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