September 13, 2014

Many Choices To Do In Batavia Old Town

They don't care the ray of heat of the sun, at noon 12.00. They continue do their activity. They consist of foreign and domestic tourist. This is The Old Batavia. A placed loaded with trace of history. From morning untill midnight this place visited by much people. For us Jakarta community, The Old Batavia is a place give us much inspiration. The place save historical file. This buillding was and goverment center when this country under Dutch Goverment.
A few years before, this place in critical condition, this time still countinue in rehabilitation include include how to manage visitors. We have many choices to do in this place. Just get cup of coffee in the night, get  traditional Indonesian food or visit Cafe Batavia to get others culinary, photograph, writing, or look back historical of Jakarta in this building, Fatahillah Museum, Visit Ceramic Museum and Wayang Museum. 

In this yard often celebrated event like culture festival, wayang festival, "layar tancap" and many others. So easy to get this place by public transport TransJakarya. This Place around by three Shelter. First, Kali Besar shelter with destination to Pluit. Second Fatahillah Shelter wirh destination to Tanjung Priok Third, Stasiun Kota with destination to Blok M. 

Beos Rail Way Station to get Jabodetabek Commuterline and Rail to the others city in Java Island Don't forget visit this place, if you have arrived in National Monument (Monas), caused by only fifteen minutes to get this place by Trans Jakarta.